Restaurant Experience



Potato Mousse, Tomato Confit, Panzanella Crumble

il Vitello Tonnato

Sliced Veal with Tuna, Anchovies Mustard & Aromatic Herbs Foam

£ 9

£ 15

Le Polpette

Crusty Meatballs, Sour Red Cabbage and Red Cabbage Mayo

£ 12

Prawn Carpaccio

Red Prawns and Marinated Vegetables, Burrata Cream and Pomegranate

£ 16


Pumpkin Cream, Figs, Toasted Hazelnut and Crispy Pumpkin skin

£ 10

primi piatti

Risotto Rosa

Red Beetroot, Gorgonzola Cream, Candid Lemon

Il Raviolo

Ravioli with Genovese filling and Roasted Chestnuts with Truffle

Il Guazzetto

Catch of the day, Red Fish Soup

Hot Winter Salad

Radicchio, Endive, Heritage Carrot and Pinenuts

£ 18

£ 28

£ 19


Pork in the Woods

Pluma di Cinta Senese, Roasted Winter Roots, Sweet Potato Cream

£ 25

Al Nero

Linguine, Black Squid Ink, Salmon Eggs and Garlic Air

£ 19


Boneless Lamb Rack, Winter Roasted Vegetables, Jus

£ 26

Brunch Experience

Crafted specifically for late-risers and those enjoying a slower start of the day, we have chosen our favourite menu creations, paired with bottomless Prossecco, Prestige or Spritz, to bring you the ultimate brunch experience at VyTA. Served on Sundays from noon until 6pm, let’s celebrate the "dolce far niente" (from Italian, “the art of doing nothing”) together and submerge our senses into a world of smiles, pleasures and emotions

fresh juices

Cucumber, Mint, Apple, Ginger

Vitamin A       Vitamin K       Folate      Magnesium 

Beet, Carrot, Apple, Ginger

Folate      Vitamin E      Vitamin K      Zinc 

Lemon Carrot & Orange Juice

Thiamine      Vitamin A      Vitamin C

Cucumber, Lime, Mint

Vitamin A       Vitamin K 

£ 5

£ 5

£ 5

£ 5

tea selection

Dammann Selection

English Breakfast, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Gunpowder, Jasmine, Tisane, Camomile, Peppermint, Bali, Fruit infusion, Lapsang, Rooibos Citrus, Cardadet Strawberry, Tisane du Berger.

Flower Aromatic Dammann Tea

Blooming Flower Tea

£ 4

£ 6.5

quito coffee


£ 2.5


£ 2.75

Double Espresso

£ 3

Double Macchiato

£ 3.5


£ 3.5


£ 4

Cafe Latte

£ 4

Hot Chocolate

£ 4.5

Organic Matcha Latte

£ 4

Espresso Corretto alla Sambuca

£ 6.5

special offer

served on Sunday from noon to 6pm

Standard Prosecco Brunch

Bottomless Prossecco

Premium Brunch

Bottomless Prestige or Spritz

£ 20

£ 36


VyTA Green Goddess

Mix Green Salad, Fresh Fruit, Seeds

Bruschetta ai Cinque Pomodori Misti

Selection of Tomatoes: Camone, Datterini, 
Cherries, Beefstake Tomatoes

Salmone e Avocado

Skinny Egg White Frittata, Avocado

Burrata e Panzanella 

Croutons, Mix tomatoes, Burrata Cheese and Capers

£ 10

£ 10

£ 12

£ 14



Fried Pizza Dough Filled with Fresh Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese and Basil

Le Polpette Croccanti

Crunchy Meatballs, Carrots and Ginger Cream, Eggs, Bread Crust

Il Vitello Tonnato

Sliced Veal, with Tuna, Anchovies Mustard & Aromatic Herbs Mayonnaise Sauce

Calamari e Zucchini al Cartoccio

Fried Squid and Courgettes

£ 10

£ 11

£ 12

£ 14

VyTA Tartar

Tuscany Beef, Olives, Tomato, Anchovies, 
Carbonara Sauce

Salumi e Formaggi

Villani Cooked Ham, Finocchiona Salami, Punta d’Anca Bresaola, Provolone, Pecorino Cheese, Parmigiano 24 months

£ 14

£ 16.5

primi piatti

Market Soup

Daily Soup

Pasta Pomodoro e Burrata

Mezza Manica, Tomato Sauce, Burrata d’Andria

La Carbonara

B. Cavalieri Rigatoni, Roman Guanciale Pork Cheek, Egg Yolk, Pecorino Romano


Mezze Maniche, Tomato Sauce, Guanciale Pork Cheek, Pecorino Romano

£ 9

£ 12

£ 13

£ 14

Lo Gnocco

Homemade Potatoe Gnocchi, Clams, Pachino Tomatoes

£ 14

La Parmigiana

Aubergines, Peeled Tomatoes, Fiordilatte Mozzarella, Parmesan Cheese

£ 15

Il Tagliolino

Homemade Tagliolini, Cherry Tomatoes, Tiger Prawns, Pistachio Crumble

£ 16

Il Risotto

Risotto Ca’ Del Bosco, Zafferano Navelli, Morel Mushrooms, Taleggio

£ 17



Gianduja Chocolate Tartelette, Red Berries, Caramelised Hazelnut

£ 7.5


Mascarpone Cream, Savoiardi Buscuits, Quito
Coffee, Sambuca

£ 7.5

Torta di Ricotta e Visciole

Crostata Cake, Visciole Cherry, Ricotta

£ 7.5

Insalata di Frutta con Gelato

Fruit Salad with Ice Cream

£ 7.5

In the Heart of
Covent Garden

Whether it's breakfast or brunch, pre-theatre drinks or a friendly aperitivo, Covent Garden is a true foodie's paradise. Surrounded by shops, museums and theatres, it's the perfect location for a cultural authentic experience in the heart of London.

VyTA Executive Chef

Our Executive Chef, Dino De Bellis, was born and raised in the Roman countryside, and he carries with me him this peasant culture and its innate respect for nature and its raw materials.

He aims to transmit this culture in all his dishes in the simplest, creative and most authentic way possible, pairing the freshest ingredients for an explosion of flavours.